Welcome to Finnish Pavilion at METSTRADE


Welcome to Finnish Pavilion at METS Trade 19–21 November and meet Finnish manufacturers Lahnakoski Oy, Nawa / Lankapaja OyNavix Oy, Oceanvolt, Safire / SF-Lämmitin Oy, Tietoset Oy, Toppi Oy, VA-Varuste Ltd and Wallas Marin Oy, hosted by Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat. Also, at the Super Yachts Pavilion, you can meet Baltic Yachts and Scandinavian Teak Deck Oy.

At the Finnish Pavilion, hall 12: 

Lahnakoski Oy

Lahnakoski Metstrade 2019

Being the leading manufacturer of wooden oars in Europe, Lahnakoski is a family enterprise where expertise and experience have been honed in four generations. The extensive range includes oars, paddles, flagpoles, boathooks and more.
Lahnakoski at METS 2019, stand 12.738.

Lankapaja Oy / Nawa

Lankapaja Metstrade 2019

Nawa is a Finnish brand of marine equipment manufactured by Lankapaja Oy. The idea of Nawa products is to make mooring and fastening of different equipment easy. Nawa equipment includes line- and rope reels, fender baskets, lifebuoy holders, light holder, safety line holder, spinnaker pole holder, antenna bracket, flag pole holder, mooring hook and patented connectors for rail tubing.
All products are manufactured of high-grade stainless steel and are easy to install and use. New for this year are the rope reels in three sizes 32, 50 and 70m.
Nawa / Lankapaja Oy at METS 2019, stand 12.838.

Navix Oy
Navix Oy METS 2019

Navix Oy started in the early 80s when business was focused on boat electrics. Later the business evolved to complete design, engineering and production service. Navix Oy creates for customers by delivering tailor made solutions in design, electrical engineering, electrical systems, dash boards, windshields, composite flooring's etc.
Navix Oy at METS 2019, stand 12.836.


Oceanvolt Metstrade 2019

Founded in 2004, Oceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of clean electric power and propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers clean, safe, reliable and state-of-the-art electric motors, which promote sustainability. Official Supplier of the Electric Propulsion System and Batteries to Alex Thomson Racing, Oceanvolt’s cutting edge electric motor technology and batteries are featured in the new HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60 race boat, launched in summer 2019.
 At METS 2019 Oceanvolt will be presenting the 2017 DAME Award (machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings) winning variable pitch saildrive Oceanvolt Servoprop & the Oceanvolt AXC modular shaft drive systems.
Oceanvolt at METS 2019, stand 12.840.

Safire / SF-Lämmitin Oy

Safire heaters Metstrade 2019

Safire diesel heaters are manufactured with 30 years’ experience in design and production. Safire products have been developed in accordance with requests from the users of the heaters. Boat heaters from the Safire family provide an easy and safe way to create the ambience and warmth of a leisure boater.
SF-Lämmitin introduces a new Safire boat heater 39Di (3.9kW) and also fan cover with cera22 ceramic stove, which will be a nice heating solution into boats with one cabin or extra heater for colder conditions.
Safire / SF-Lämmitin at METS 2019, stand 12.736.

Tietoset Oy 

Tietoset Metstrade 2019

Tietoset designs and contracts manufacture durable Marine products for extremely challenging and demanding conditions sustainably and intelligently – SIMa Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing. Tietoset is a specialist in polished Stainless Steel products and trusted partner for numerous Marine customers who want their end product and solutions to provide the best user experience for their customer. If you want to stand out from the crowd with re-engineered design and custom products, solutions and materials Tietoset staff will be happy to help you! Read more www.tietoset.com, and watch the video
Tietoset Oy at METS 2019, stand 12.832.

Toppi Oy

Toppi Oy Metstrade 2019

Toppi Oy is a family-owned company, established in 1953 – a pioneer in the Finnish plastic industry and extrusion techniques. Toppi Oy manufactures high-quality plastic hoses, tubes, profiles and multicables for industrial and consumer needs.
Toppi Oy at METS 2019, stand 12.741.

VA-Varuste Ltd 

VA-Varuste Ltd Metstrade 2019

VA-Varuste Ltd is the leading manufacturer of fitted boat textiles in Northern Europe. Main products are boat canopies, harbour covers, boat cushions and seats. Boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. The functionality, appearance and durability are the key factors in designing new products. VA-Varuste uses 3D programs by which they can model a wide variety of alternatives without having to prepare prototype products.
VA-Varuste Ltd at METS 2019, stand 12.834

Wallas-Marin Oy

Wallas-Marin Metstrade 2019

Wallas-Marin is providing boat heaters and cooking units with the highest quality from Finland

  • Sustainable heating and cooking with carbon-free renewable diesels
  • Energy-efficient, durable and low maintenance units for reducing environmental impact
  • Global operations – sales and service network covering key global markets

The new products in METS are Wallas Spartan 4,5kw heater with environmental effective green boost burner, totally new APP and superior wireless features and Wallas Blackline gas-free cookers which are a style statement to your boat kitchen and extremely safe and easy to use.
Wallas-Marin at METS 2019, stand 12.635


At the Super Yacht Pavilion, hall 11: 

Scandinavian Teak Deck Oy  

Scandinavian Teak Deck Metstrade 2019

Scandinavian Teak Deck’s business idea has always been to manufacture high-quality teak- cork and synthetic decks to mega-, motor-, and sailing yachts located anywhere in the World.
Scandinavian Teak Deck at METS 2019, stand 11.618.

Baltic Yachts 

Baltic Yachts Metstrade 2019

More than 45 years of boat building to the highest standards mean Baltic Yachts recognises the need for top quality, reliable service and refit to keep yachts operating faultlessly and to their full potential.
Baltic Yachts’ growing Service & Refit Department based both in Finland and Palma, Mallorca provides a quality of workmanship second to none. Their highly skilled and experienced teams can also travel quickly to clients anywhere in the world for urgent repair work, upgrades and on-going service.
Baltic Yachts at METS 2019, stand 11.620.



Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat hosts the Finnish Pavilion. Finnboat is the umbrella organisation for Finland's marine industry and trade. Finnboat membership represents close to one hundred percent of both the nation's domestic marine industry turnover and the value of boat exports.
See you at METSTRADE 19–21 November!
The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems. It is the only truly international B2B exhibition for the marine leisure industry and has served as a platform for innovation, market developments and networking since our launch in 1988.