Quarken ”The Art of Nordic Boats” – World Premiere in January 2022


Quarken Boats is proud to introduce a superior new boat brand from Finland.

Quarken launch

The company's 27 feet range includes three distinctive models: the Open version will offer best-in-class open-air thrills, a T-Top with a solid GRP roof for shade and weather protection, and an all-weather Cabin commuter. The 27 range is just the beginning – the fleet will be extended later with 33 and 40-foot boats, with different deck and layout alternatives. 

Quarken is the English name of the word Kvarken, which is the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea, also referred to as The Gulf of Bothnia. Quarken's hometown is Kokkola, Finland – 63° 50'N 023° 07’E – an area known for high boat building competence and tradition. 

Quarken boats draw inspiration from nature and the essence of the fleet lies in its beautiful simplicity and clean state-of-the-art Nordic design. The boats seamlessly combine innovative solutions and modularity for best-in-class functionality and practical living onboard

Development and building are taking place now and the Quarken 27 range will have its World Premiere during Düsseldorf BOOT in January 2022. 

All Quarken boats will be powered by the newest Yamaha outboard engines. The Quarken and Yamaha partnership is a promise of a superior customer experience, where the boats are designed from the ground to specifically suit Yamaha outboard engines. This will guarantee an ultimate driving experience and reliable performance in all conditions. All engines will be installed at the factory in Finland. 

Explore Beyond Your Everyday Horizon

Quarken boats are designed to go further so that the customer can safely and in all weathers venture beyond the everyday horizon. Superior performance and handling in changing sea conditions are at the heart of the product. The boat’s weight distribution is perfectly matched to the premium Yamaha outboard range, ensuring the most comfortable and stable ride and excellent fuel economy. 

Made from the highest quality materials, each boat can be customized to suit a wide variety of needs and requirements. The client can choose from a broad selection of options and then the set-up of the deck fittings from an open style day boat to a long-distance cruiser, plus seating choices, dining configurations, water sports features, and fishing features. 

The boat's level of hull, deck and accessory customization will allow for quick and easy refits. This is eco-friendly and practical considering that the boat hull will often outlast even the finest quality interiors, and it lengthens the life cycle of the product. These customization re-fits will be offered for the customer, dealerships, and even service centers together with other services through digital platforms in the future.

Team Behind Quarken

The company was recently formed by a team of highly experienced boat builders with decades of experience in boat building, all having a deep understanding of what customers want and how to deliver superb levels of functionality and usability in the unique craft.

Osmo Roukala, one of the founding partners, has over 40 years of experience in the boating industry and boat design. He has designed and manufactured boats such as Finnmaster, Husky, and Grandezza, which have garnered numerous international awards and accolades. "As new ideas and experience met, we decided to create a cutting edge fleet that would speak to seafarers around the world. My passion has always been life on the sea and I have spent my entire life building and designing boats. During the last 30 years, I have met so many boaters around the world with whom I have exchanged ideas about what is required in terms of functionality, usability, performance, now I wanted to make all my knowledge available for the design of Quarken.

Amongst the co-founding partners are also CEO, Antero Sundberg, who has extensive experience in the areas of management, sales, and network building within the boating industry. He has previously worked with several well-known brands, such as Yamaha, Yamarin, Finnmaster, Grandezza, and Saxdor. Mr. Sundberg explained why they chose Yamaha to power their boats, “We have similar thinking and spirit to Yamaha in that we both deliver what we promise in the most customer-focused way possible. We know that Yamaha has the best possible dealer network and servicing wherever you are, and this is key to our customers because of the long-range and adventurous nature of the vessels.”

The third partner Jussi Hurskainen, also the owner of Idis Design Ltd, is an experienced specialist in industrial and strategic design. He has been focusing on private and public transportation sectors for past two decades, including the field of marine industry. Mr. Hurskainen has led numerous product development projects ranging from designing consumer products to undertaking large-scale public commissions.

The design and engineering is lead by Osmo Roukala, who works together with a talented team of industry professionals from Idis Design Oy and R2 Marine Ltd.

Find out more at www.quarken.com