Sustainable boating industry excellence at the METSTRADE 2023 Finnish pavilion


METSTRADE is the world’s largest marine equipment trade show connecting marine and boating industry professionals from around the world. At the Finnish national pavilion, the Finnish boating equipment industry presents solutions that are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions of the Nordic countries and are therefore fit for use all over the world. 

“We are proud to present a unique combination of sustainable innovations that drive both the boating experience as well as boating industry productivity forward”, says Jarkko Pajusalo, CEO of Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat.

Here you will find short introductions to the companies and products in the Finnish pavilion.


METSTRADE 2023 floor plan Finnish pavilion

METS will take place this year from the 15th to the 17th. November in Amsterdam at the RAI Convention Centre. The Finnish pavilion can be found in hall 1 next to the neighboring Swedish and Norwegian pavilions.

Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat

Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat is the umbrella organisation for Finland's strong marine industry and trade. Finnboat membership represents close to one hundred percent of both the nation's domestic marine industry turnover and the value of boat exports. 

Brand ID's new generation solution of boat deckings: Smartdeck

Brand ID’s Smartdeck is the new generation solution of boat deckings. The durable decking material is made of a lightweight closed cell foam, that is cost-effective, quick and easy to install and effortless to maintain. The material offers endless possibilities for customisation. As far as aesthetics go anything is possible, from the traditional teak look to innovative patterns. 

Light yet durable, the Smartdeck material is praised by boat brands and boatsmen, especially due to the safety and comfort ensured by the softness of the products. 

Lahnakoski: An oar’s length ahead

Lahnakoski is Europe’s leading maker of wooden oars, manufacturing oars, paddles and other boating accessories with more than 60 years of experience. The product range includes oars, canoe paddles, kayak paddles, SUP paddles, flagpoles and boathooks.

Lahnakoski's virtually friction-free rowlock is an excellent example of perseverance in product development. A wooden paddle is pleasant to the touch: it feels warm even in cold waters, and the material is flexible, rolling with the movement. Composite paddles, by comparison, are made to resist wear and tear. They are at their best in whitewater canoeing where contact with rock is impossible to avoid.

Mirka offers the complete dust-free surface finishing solution

Mirka is a world leader in surface finishing technology. When it comes to creating magnificent yachts and boats, Mirka's high technology products and award-winning tools are perfectly suited for various marine surfaces, from sanding the contours of composite boats to smoothening out the gelcoat finish, all the way from small scale to high volume production. 

The Mirka PS 1437 Polisher features a powerful, high torque electric motor. The rotational speed can be pre-selected and precision adjusted with a step-less switch. It’s an excellent tool for polishing smaller surfaces and is designed to be used with a maximum 150 mm pad.  Polarshine 45 polishing compound  is ideal for one-step polishing of white and light-coloured gel coat surfaces both for production and restoration processes. Polarshine 35 is a coarse polishing compound suitable for materials such as gel coats, high gloss lacquers and composites. It is a fast and efficient compound, producing a high surface gloss and thus enabling you to minimize the sanding steps. 

Navix – custom tailored products and systems for boat industry

Navix has a long experience in boat electrics, but the business has evolved to complete design, engineering and production service. Navix delivers tailor made solutions in design, electrical engineering, electrical systems, dash boards, windshields, composite flooring's etc. The product range includes cable harnesses, switch and fuse panels and other electrical applications.

Navix also manufactures a variety of plastic products. Smooth engineering process is the creative application of planning, construction, materials and documentation. 

Nawa marine equipment for the most demanding conditions

Lankapaja is now one of Finland’s leading metal industry manufacturers and the producer of Nawa marine equipment. The range of equipment from Nawa includes easy to use products produced of stainless steel which are installed with patented Nawa connectors of sea water and sun resistant nylon material. 

Nawa's Boating equipment product range includes mooring and rope reels, mooring and buoy hooks, anchor and rope holders, flag pole sockets, life buoy and  life buoy light  holders, spinnaker pole holders and fender baskets. 

Nextfour adds fleet management to innovative Q displays

Nextfour Group is a technology & design agency that specialises in product development for medical, marine and industrial segments with complex and regulated environments. The Q Experience is Nextfours marine multi-function display product line that’s distributed as Q Experience brand through distributors, or white labelled for boat builder customers. In 2023 Nextfour has increased the Q display product range adding more sizes, 22” and 24” displays for bigger boats. Now the  Q Experience display range consists of 10”, Double 10”, 12”, 16”, 22” and 24” displays.

At the METSTRADE 2023 Nextfour introduces fleet management interface Fleety. Q Displays in boats are gathering the data from the boat  and Fleety interface visualises the fleet status for the fleet managers. Monitoring software encompasses real-time monitoring displayed in cartography, list, or insight views, comprehensive alarm logs, service logs, and maintenance requests, along with invaluable historical data and dynamic data visualisation capabilities. The system also offers geofencing functionality, ensuring precise control over vessel movement. 

Oceanvolt electric power and propulsion systems 

Oceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of clean electric power and propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers clean, safe, reliable and state-of-the-art electric motors, which promote sustainability. The hydrogeneration or “creating energy while sailing” function is an automatic feature in all Oceanvolt motors and makes any sailing vessel truly self sustainable.

Oceanvolt focuses 100% on clean electric power and propulsion systems for boats ranging from monohulls and catamarans to non-plaining motorboats and commercial ferries. 

At the METSTRADE 2023 Oceanvolt presents 48 V Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 (HPSP 25) featuring a controllable pitch propeller combining a high-efficiency saildrive with the most powerful hydrogenerator on the market. This groundbreaking technology redefines the possibilities of sustainable yachting as the powerful hydrogeneration feature is capable of making the yacht energy self-sufficient. Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 has been nominated for this year's prestigious DAME Award in the category of Propulsion & Dynamics.

Safire: Finnish heating expertise 

Safire boat heaters have a legendary  reputation  as a reliable and quiet heat source. The heaters feature redesigned control electronics that allow remote operation with the new Safire 1287B remote controller. 

The Safire cera22 diesel stove boils a litre of cold water in 11 minutes. This stove completes the entire range so that the boat can dispense with the use of gas altogether – the boat’s own diesel fuel is used as fuel. The ceramic hob without open flame  is safe and easy to use and the flue gases are safely discharged. 

The boat heater range extends from the exceptionally quiet and small 0.7-1.6Kw Safire 16Di for small HT and cabin boats and small sailboats to 0.9-3.9 kW Safire 39Di he most powerful heater in the Safire range, which is comfortable enough to heat even large boats up to 13 meters in size. 

TM Company – The Snubber product line invented by enthusiasts

The Snubber product line includes Snubber Twist mooring compensator, Snubber Fender fastener and Snubber Pull rope for pulling and lifting. Snubber Twist was selected by the jury for the DAME Design Award 2021 competition shortlist.

Snubber TWIST is a patented mooring compensator that absorbs the mooring line’s shocks and reduces the stress on your boat and the dock. Snubber Twist is primarily suitable for 500 to 6000 kg motor and sailing boats and all ropes with diameter less than 18 mm and for various anchor lines. Snubber FENDER is an easy-to-use, quick fender fastener that fits all railing types regardless of the size. Snubber PULL is a comfortable handling strap for a rowboat or any small vessel.

Toppi – solid know-how and experience in plastics

Toppi is a plastic extrusion company manufacturing high quality hoses, tubes, and profiles for industrial and consumer needs. Toppi was established in 1953 and is still 100% owned and managed by the Toppi family. This year Toppi celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Thanks to the expertise and experience in plastics, CAD designing and tool making in their modern tool shop, they can offer the full service from idea and design to 3D printed prototypes, tooling, and final product. Toppi has a long experience with boat industry profiles.

Toppi’s goal is to be a forerunner in the plastics industry not only in terms of professionalism but also in responsibility and environmental issues. They are continuously developing their operations with the environment and responsibility in mind. Toppi has been granted the ISO 9001 certificate.

VA-Varuste – leading custom-made boat textile maker

VA-Varuste Ltd is leading manufacturer of fitted boat textiles in whole Europe. Main products are boat canopies, harbour covers, boat cushions and seats. Boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. The functionality, appearance and durability are the key factors in designing new products. 

VA-Varuste uses 3D programs by which they can model a wide variety of alternatives without having to prepare prototype of products. The factories are located at Finland and Poland and in Portugal and customers are all significant boat builders in the Nordic countries and in the Europe. 

VIAP Valves – innovative carbon fibre valves

VIAP composite valves offer solutions for places where lightness, easy of installation is required. Valves are also available with non-conductive construction. Products are customisable according to the application and can be made of different composite materials depending on the specific properties required. Composites used include carbon fibre and glass fibre and, in the future, natural fibres.

VIAP CV 80 is a lightweight and durable carbon fiber valve with DIN 80 flange joints and M16 thread. Wear-resistant epoxy inner coating and short three part reliable structure makes the solution strong and light, but also easy to install and service. 

Wallas: sustainable heating and cooking with carbon-free renewable diesels

Wallas-Marin specializes in high-quality heating and cooking solutions, as well as environmentally friendly  gas-free technology to meet the needs of boaters. Wallas-Marin's products are equipped with remote control technology, allowing boaters to easily and conveniently manage their heaters, adjust temperature, check voltage of the batteries or preheat the boat. Cloud-based data monitoring allows easy fault diagnosis and updates.

The new products in METSTRADE are Wallas Spartan 5kw and Wallas Viking 3kW water heaters with environmental effective green boost burner, totally new APP and superior wireless features and new gimballed stoves and oven. Next-generation diesel solutions, including modern design stoves Wallas 600D and Wallas 1200D, are exceptionally fast, featuring a ceramic surface that simplifies cooking on board. 

Also get to know Finnboat member companies participating at  Super Yacht Pavilion:

Baltic Yachts 

Celebrating 50 years of boat building to the highest standards mean Baltic Yachts recognises the need for top quality, reliable service and refit to keep yachts operating faultlessly and to their full potential. 

Baltic Yachts Service & Refit benefits from this policy by basing specialist teams from our Finland HQ in our Palma, Mallorca service and refit centre and our highly skilled and experienced teams can also travel quickly to clients anywhere in the world.

Scandinavian Teak Deck

Scandinavian Teak Deck’s business idea has always been to manufacture high-quality teak-, cork and synthetic decks to mega-, motor-, and sailing yachts located anywhere in the world. The company's product range at the fair includes e.g. cork decking.