NaviWlheel revolutionizes boating


The groundbreaking NaviWheel makes boating safe and stress-free!


NaviWheel is an innovative boat steering system, which makes boating easier, more fun and safer by its intuitive user interface. NaviWheel enables precise boat maneuvering and keeping the boat in place. The fully electrical NaviWheel system has been constructed on the latest hardware and software technologies utilizing artificial intelligence and the NaviWheel network connection. The entire boating experience is revolutionized, as even the most complicated details become effortless.

A new boating era begins today with the launch of the NaviWheel system

The pilot phase of the NaviWheel system was successfully completed during the summer and marketing has begun. NaviWheel is ready to enter the global market in co-operation with boat manufacturers.

Entering and leaving marinas often present the most stressful situations during boating trips. It can be tricky to maneuver your boat close to other boats and, in fact, this is when most damages occur. Marinas can be very cramped; it can be a real challenge to master your boat in different wind and wave conditions. The challenges involved with handling the boat can impair the boating experience – for some this can even present an obstacle for starting boating altogether. By using state-of-the-art technology NaviWheel makes the difficult easy, boating safe and free from stress. Boating becomes a joy and a pleasure already in the marina.

The boat is steered by using the physical NaviWheel, which resembles a small steering wheel. Steering the boat with the NaviWheel makes the boat react instantly and logically, maneuvering the boat exactly and precisely. Mastering the system has no learning curve, it can be learned instantly.

The NaviWheel system consists of the physical user interface (the NaviWheel), an innovative jet system, advanced algorithms and sensors, and data managed by using artificial intelligence. The system is connected to the NaviWheel cloud, enabling continuous maintenance and updates.

NaviWheel mobileToday also marks the release of the NaviWheel App, which makes your mobile phone a second steering wheel. This enables maneuvering the boat outside the cabin, even remotely. This feature can be very helpful for those boating on their own in harbouring and other situations, when it might be necessary to leave the steering point. The app can also obtain sensor data for further development.

"Having been boating all of my life, I had a clear vision of a steering system, which would redefine the usability of a boat", says Paavo Pietola, the inventor of NaviWheel. "Maneuvering your boat in marinas is an essential part of one's seamanship. However, acquiring these skills present challenges time wise for many.  Simultaneously we are seeing that the boat operating systems are becoming increasingly complicated and keeping everything under control might be a challenge, especially for less experienced boaters.

My vision for the future of boating is based on the desire to create a truly instinctively controllable steering system, which we all can use naturally. Silence and environmental friendliness are also elemental for the future of boating.

Based on this vision we have created the NaviWheel system, which we are now introducing to the market for the benefit of all boaters."

"When studying the boat industry and technologies we realized that the next generation of boat users are expecting significant technological advancements to make boating appealing to them as a hobby", says Veli Eloranta, CEO and founding partner of G-boats Ltd. "The NaviWheel system manages to combine new technology components in electrical drives and jets, control software and connectivity, with the use of artificial intelligence and the revolutionary NaviWheel itself. This is a unique combination in the boating industry, taking the boating experience to the next level."

NaviWheel is introduced today to the market by G-Boats, a Finnish company. Chairman of the board Jukka Sinisalo: "We have developed a completely new system, which revolutionizes the market, as there are very few similar products or competition on the market. I have personally a long experience in the automotive sector and from the experience gained from starting the imports of Tesla electric cars in 2014, I must state that there are plenty of similarities and reference points in how NaviWheel manages to approach the market from a completely new and rethought point of view – NaviWheel really lifts the boating experience to the next level and it changes boating for us permanently. The ease of use of the NaviWheel system has made a huge impact on our test users and pilot clients. A brand-new era of boating begins today and we invite you to join us for the future with the NaviWheel."

The NaviWheel system consists of three elements: the physical user interface (the NaviWheel), the electric propulsion jet system and the app software, connected to the cloud. The NaviWheel system is recommended for boats from six meters up, made of any material. The system is installed at the boat manufacturer as a part of the boat production. The NaviWheel system can be obtained as an extra feature at the purchase of the boat from boat manufacturers and retailers.

The NaviWheel is the first product and application to be launched from our innovative boat operating system. In the near future we will release plenty of features through our operating system, which will add safety, functionality, intelligence and environmental friendliness to boating. A new era in boating has begun.