Finnish Pavilion at METSTRADE show 13–15 November


Welcome to Finnish Pavilion to meet Finnish manufacturers: Lahnakoski Oy (oars, paddles, flagpoles, boathooks etc.), Navix Oy (complete electrical systems, control panels, parts made of acrylics and other plastic materials such as windscreen, hull window, shower doors, hatches etc.), Oceanvolt Oy (clean electric power and propulsion systems), Tietoset Oy (X-Latch and flagpole holders), Toppi Oy (high quality hoses, tubes, and profiles), VA-Varuste Oy (fitted boat textiles, e.g. boat canopies, harbour covers, boat cushions and seats), Wallas-Marin Oy (heaters and stoves) and Lankapaja Oy.

Lahnakoski Oy

Being the leading manufacturer of wooden oars in Europe, Lahnakoski is a family enterprise where expertise and experience have been honed in four generations. Extensive range includes oars, paddles, flagpoles, boathooks and more.

Lahnakoski oars at METSTRADE show 2018


Navix Oy

Navix designs and supplies custom tailored products and systems for the leisure boat and machine industry. We combine design and functionality to achieve the best solutions at sea and on land.

Navix panel at METSTRADE show 2018

Navix started in the early 80’s focusing on boat electrics. Over the years the business has evolved to complete design, engineering and production service. Today Navix produces a large range of custom-tailored products that includes complete electrical systems, control panels, parts made of acrylics and other plastic materials such as windscreen, hull window, shower doors, hatches etc. Navix also supplies hard floorings and a large range of different interior panels and custom-made accessory parts. From design to end product, Navix’s dedication to work creates long-lasting partnerships that benefits both parties.

Oceanvolt Oy

Founded in 2004, Oceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of clean electric power and propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers clean, safe, reliable and state-of-the-art electric motors, which promote sustainability. Official Supplier of the Electric Propulsion System and Batteries to Alex Thomson Racing, Oceanvolt’s cutting-edge electric motor technology and batteries will be featured in the new HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60 race boat, launching in summer 2019.

Servoprop dame at METSTRADE show 2018

At METS 2018 Oceanvolt will be presenting the 2017 DAME Award (machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems and fittings) winning variable pitch saildrive Oceanvolt Servoprop & the Oceanvolt AXC modular shaft drive systems.

Tietoset Oy

Revolutionary X-Latch solves the problem of unexpectedly opening hatches and removes the need for latch readjustment over time. Patented X-Latch innovation combines the best qualities of AISI316- and rubber latches in one product. The beautiful AISI316 cover protects the rubber part from UV and mechanical wear and tear whereas the rubber part gives the latch excellent usability. The X-Latch closes tightly and will not open up nor make noise even in rough boating. The product has been designed to be fully self-adjusting with a very long lifetime.

Tietoset X-Latch at METSTRADE show 2018

Tietoset also showcases their new design for a flagpole holder at METSTRADE. The key problem with flagpole holders has been the noise that they create while boating. Also, the lifetime of the flagpole holder has been quite short due to the metal-to-metal contact. The new design of the flagpole holder solves these problems. The rubber cover on the inside prevents metal-to-metal encounter making the product noise-free also prolonging the lifetime of the product.

Tietoset manufactures and designs boat components and products for their marine clients as well as for furniture clients. Tietoset works together with the boat manufacturers to design and make better components and products that produce more value for the final product and for the end-client.

Toppi Oy

Toppi Oy is a plastic extrusion company manufacturing high-quality hoses, tubes, and profiles for boat and marine industry. Toppi Oy was established in 1953 and is still 100% owned and managed by the Toppi family.

Toppi Oy at METSTRADE show 2018

VA-Varuste Ltd

VA Varuste Ltd is the leading manufacturer of fitted boat textiles in Northern Europe. Main products are boat canopies, harbour covers, boat cushions and seats. Boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field both in relation to quality and practical use. The functionality, appearance and durability are the key factors in designing new products. VA-Varuste uses 3D programs by which they can model a wide variety of alternatives without having to prepare prototype products.

VA-Varuste at METSTRADE show 2018

Wallas-Marin Oy

Wallas-Marin is one of the most famous diesel heater and stove manufacturer in the recreational boating market. We have 50 years of experience in the highest quality heating and stoves. For 2019, Wallas-Marin will launch revolutionary Viking and Spartan heaters in METS Amsterdam in Finnish pavilion.

Wallas-Marin Spartan at METSTRADE show 2018

New heaters have many features, which have never seen in the boat industry:

  • Artificial intelligent thermostat, which is forecasting future needs of heat.
  • Wireless Low Energy Bluetooth thermostat
  • Advanced initiative control panel with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Over-the-Air updates
  • A lot of more


Lankapaja Oy


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