Proudly Made in Finland – Finnboat members at the Düsseldorf Boat show 18–26 January 2020


Welcome to visit the stands of the Finnboat member companies to take a look Sargo, Nord Star, Targa, Baltic, Q Yachts, Brizo, Finnmaster, Grandezza, Buster, Yamarin, Yamarin Cross, AMT, Aquador, Flipper and Silver boats as well as Saimaan Solmu boat rental. 

SARGO – The All season Boat – stand 4A03

Sargo 36 will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

Sargo boats are created, designed and built by the oldest shipyard in the pilothouse category since 1967. At Düsseldorf will be displayed also SARGO 36 Flybridge and SARGO 31. All SARGO boats in a nutshell:
* 100% hand-made in Finland
* Heavy duty construction to withstand rough seas
* Built it your way – Custom orders
* Let the outside in – Sunroof, Large Fore Cabin, Spacious Bathroom, Modern Sides & Aft Door, Tinded and Glued windows- all these as standard!
* Wide walk around – One level deck/No steps – Family friendly.
* Cozy, Modern, Luxurious Scandinavian design of the 21st century!

Nord Star Boats –  stand 4B03

Nord Star will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

Nord Star novelty at the stand 4B03 are Nord Star 31+ Patrol. Nord Star 26 Patrol and Nord Star 32 Patrol will be displayed at the stand as well.

The key features of the new Nord Star 31+ Patrol are spacious, well-equipped living spaces and excellent offshore properties. The walkaround deck with three doors ensures that walking on the deck is always safe and hassle-free. Both sleeping cabins are designed for a mature taste. The front cabin has a bed for two and is adjoined a large head. In the aft there is a spacious center cabin with a bed for two to three persons. The luxurious salon adds extra comfort for excursions, not to mention the well-equipped galley. New for this model is a solar panel that will come as standard equipment. This boat, as every Nord Star, has a hand-laminated and strong hull which gives it the strength to shear through breakers with confidence, making it an excellent boat for long trips or excursions in the archipelago. Nord Star 31+ Patrol replaces the previous Nord Star 30 Patrol model. 

Nord Star boats are manufactured to last for decades in the Nordic climate. Ranging from an 8-meter multi-purpose boat to a 15-meter luxury yacht. All Nord Star models are equipped with an extremely durable hull, luxuriously pampering décor and top-notch ride comfort and safety. What gives the boats their perfection, is the boat building heritage that has been passed on from generation to generation, combined with modern, innovative building methods, the Nord Star is a true voyager of northern seas. All Nord Star boats are IMCI CE-B Offshore rated. For more information visit 

Targa Boats – stand 4B02

Targa will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

At the Targa stand 4B02, you can find Targa 27.2, Targa 32, Targa 37 and Targa 46 

Targa 27.2: A motorboating legend for the future. Launched in 2018, the third-generation Targa 27.2 sets a new course for the legendary motorboat series. Enjoy a more spacious design and improved functionality – seamlessly combined with the stable structure and superb offshore performance of the classic Targa 27 and Targa 27.1. The Targa 27.2 won the Motorboat Award 2019 in its category.

Targa 32: Class leader. The T32 is the undisputed 4×4 of the sea – a boating classic from the very beginning. It offers the same practicality and durability as you would expect from any Targa, with a timeless yet modern appearance.

Targa 37: The fearless classic. The Targa 37 takes you to your destination in unparalleled comfort and safety. It carries several passengers with ease, and is elegantly furnished with separate cabins to ensure privacy and comfort on board. Its classic design, solid structure, and superb handling qualities make the T37 the perfect choice for long and demanding trips.

Targa 46: The flagship of the fleet. The biggest and most powerful Targa to date – the T46 is the pinnacle of offshore motorboating and a lasting tribute to boatmaking excellence, with each and every detail speaking to the heart of true seafarers, young and old.

Baltic Yachts, Foil-assisted superyachting and Canova’s ‘green’ power! – stand 7AB07

Baltic Yachts at boot Düsseldorf 2020

The centrepiece of the Baltic Yachts’ stand at Boot Düsseldorf 2020 will be a 1:1 dummy version of the 9m long Dynamic Stability System foil, which has transformed the performance and comfort of the recently launched Baltic 142 Canova.

Baltic Yachts is the first yard to have installed such a foil on a superyacht and visitors to our stand can learn more about how it works and hear about how we and our partners are using new developments in this field of design.

Baltic Yachts is the world’s leading builder of advanced composite yachts. Our highly skilled workforce uses leading-edge marine technology and traditional craftsmanship to create award-winning yachts. Each yacht is unique, unmatched in its quality, unmatched in its performance.

Q Yachts world premiere: Q3 eLimo – stand 4D03

Q eLine has its world premiere in boot Düsseldorf 2020

Q30 eLimo is an electric boat that is designed for water limousine and taxi service use. The concept has been developed to answer a clear demand from the market for a zero-emission vessel that is able to transport people in crowded cities and lake areas in an environmentally conscious and efficient way.

A characteristic feature of the Q30 eLimo is the hydrodynamically optimised hull for slow to medium speeds (up to 15 kts / 27 km/h). Where fast charging is possible, the Q30 eLimo will offer an electric-only version with a 30-60kWh battery capacity. For heavy use and/or where there is sufficient infrastructure for hydrogen fuelling, Q-Yachts offers a version fuelled by hydrogen and fuel cell, offering up to 120kWh of electric capacity. Hence the Q30 eLimo offers a commercially truly feasible solution for transporting passengers all day without the need for charging/fueling.

A full live size 1:1 mock-up of the Q30 eLimo, as well as a virtual tour of the exciting new model, is available for the public to experience in hall 4 stand D03. 

Brizo Yachts – stand 7AB09

Brizo Yachts will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

All Brizo yachts are semi-custom made or completely custom made just to reach our customers’ needs and dreams. The goal for Brizo Yachts has been from the beginning to be different and build yachts that customer can see himself in. Therefore, you will not be able to see two Brizo Yachts that look the same.
Brizo Yachts builds yachts from 30ft up to 78 ft. all hand made from our craftsman’s team with decades of experience. All yachts are unique and from the first beginning to the end of the boat construction

The company’s history goes back to late 1970 when the first boat was made, a custom-made transportation boat that are in everyday use nowadays. After that company has built many aluminium boats for work use. The goal of Brizo Yachts is to always say, “Yes it is possible”. 

Brizo Yachts novelty at the stand 7AB09 is BY100 Explorer. 

Grandezza boats –stand 4A19

Grandezza 37 at the Düsseldorf Boat show

Grandezza 37 CA – an eye catcher with her elegant lines. The saloon and aft cockpit arrangement offer a generous entertaining area. The impressive design, extraordinary ease of handling and the inviting interior make every voyage both exciting and relaxing.

Grandezza 34 OC – a true masterpiece of impeccable design and performance. Whether on a longer voyage with the family in your favourite waters or while enjoying a tasty dinner under the stars with friends, everything has been designed to perfect your experience at sea.

Grandezza 28 OC – perfect choice when you value easy living on the waters. Step aboard and find a spacious and refined cockpit with generous open space for entertaining. The inviting and comfortable cabin makes overnight staying easy.

Grandezza 25 S – ultimate day cruiser for celebrating good times at sea. The stylish and inviting cockpit together with the sun lounge offers an enjoyable environment for socializing, topped with a premium sport boat experience.

Finnmaster Boats – stand 4A21 

Finnmaster boats will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

The family-owned company Finnmaster Boats Oy has designed and manufactured boats at their boatyards in Finland for 30 years in 2020. The company offers fiberglass boats and aluminium hull leisure boats as well as premium class boats up to 40 feet long with its three brands; Finnmaster, Husky and Grandezza.
Two brand new Finnmaster boat models have their world premiere at boot Düsseldorf 2020. The Finnmaster's popular daycruiser T Series expands with the new Finnmaster T6, and bowrider R series with the new Finnmaster R6. The T6 is clearly as beautiful, fun and practical as its big sisters. The versatile R6 is perfect for sunny summer days and for a number of other purposes.
Experience at the boat show following Finnmaster models: P8, P7W, P6, T8, T7, T6 and R6. Explore also aluminium boats Husky R7 and Husky R6.

Finnmaster P8 made it through as a finalist for the 2020 Motor Boat of the Year Awards in the category Wheelhouse and cockpit cruisers. The winners will be revealed in Dusseldorf on 21st January.

Buster Boats – stand 3C90

Buster XL and Buster XXL will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

Buster’s newest aluminium boat models, the stylishly Scandinavian Buster XL and XXL, will be exhibited for the first time in Germany at boot Düsseldorf. 

The new models for 2020 are in the popular six-metre class. These practical, economical and safe aluminium boats are ideal for recreational boating, watersports and fishing. The power range of the new Buster XL is 80–115 hp, while the bigger Buster XXL is powered by a Yamaha outboard producing 115–150 hp.

Both new models come standard with the Buster Q smart display, which provides all the information active boaters need: engine dials, updated weather information and even electronic maps. An AIS automatic identification system and super accurate Raymarine CHIRP fishfinder can also be specified as an option with the Buster Q smart display.

Alongside the new models, visitors to boot Düsseldorf can also see other popular Buster models, including the quiet and safe Buster Cabin and the SuperMagnum (250–350 hp), Buster’s stylishly classic open boat. Other models being exhibited at the boat show include two of Buster’s practical multipurpose boats: the six-person Buster L1 (40–50 hp), the most popular outboard engine boat in Scandinavia, and the comprehensively equipped five-person Buster M2 (30–40 hp), which features twin consoles.

Yamarin Boats – stand 3C90

Yamarin 63 DC will be displayed in boot Düsseldorf 2020

Yamarin presents three popular daycruiser models: 2020 novelty, Yamarin 63 DC, the flagship of Yamarin daycruiser line-up, the Yamarin 88 DC as well as the favourite Yamarin 68 DC.

The new Yamarin 63 DC is an excellent choice for summer days for the entire family. The completely new hull design of the Yamarin 63 DC for the 2020 season is a wonderful combination of driving comfort and care-free recreation with family and friends. Due to the new hull design, the handling characteristics of the boat have been further improved and more space has been created in the cabin without forgetting the modern appearance of the boat.

The open area of the new Yamarin 63 DC is sleek and allows people to move around with ease. The boat offers excellent conditions for relaxing together, as the open area can be effortlessly converted into a six-person lounge by simply turning the front seats around.

The exceptionally functional open area, first-class handling characteristics, the Yamarin Q system and many other practical and comfort-adding details make the Yamarin 63 DC a perfect choice for fun summer days on the water.

Yamarin Cross – stand 3C90

Cross 62 BR will be displayed at boot Düsseldorf 2020

Yamarin Cross presents three aluminium hulled boats with GRP deck: Cross 62 BR, Cross 57 BR and 54 BR.

The more than 6-metre-long Cross 62 BR offers good space for seven persons and is equally at home in day cruising, water sports, coastal connections and commuting.

The Cross 57 BR offers excellent handling characteristics for speedy boating. This versatile and safe boat is excellent for water sports, day trips or as a tender. High and sturdy bow and aft railings increase safety.

The protective and high-sided open space of the Cross 54 BR is safe for even the smallest passengers in the family. This spacious boat, that is suited for diverse boating, provides shelter for up to six passengers and its deck surface area is spacious enough to carry even larger amounts of goods.

All 2020 Yamarin Cross boat models will be equipped with the advanced Cross Q infotainment system. The Cross Q's large and easy-to-use touchscreen brings together electronic charts, an on-board computer and an infotainment system as part of a motorboat’s basic set-up.

AMT boats – stand 4A02

Boat-Solutions GmbH will on behalf of AMT-Veneet Oy display three  AMT boats in hall 4 stand A02.

AMT 190 R will be displayed at boot Düsseldorf2020

The AMT 190 R is a true multipurpose boat equipped with a well-sheltering 2-seated center console. The smoothly running hull gives the boat great performance, prompt manoeuvrability and low fuel consumption. Perfect for fishing trips, but also for various forms of sea transfers as well as pure leisure. The bow can be fitted with a sundeck, which serves both sun worshipers and fishermen.

AMT 210 DC will be displayed at boot Düsseldorf 2020

The AMT 210 DC is a stunning new AMT day cruiser offers excellent driving properties and high performance for the more demanding user. It is easy to manoeuvre and fun to drive, at the same time as it is sturdy and safe to operate. The cosy front cabin and open aft make the 210 DC an excellent choice for people, who enjoy pleasant travelling with the possibility to spend the night on board.

AMT 215 PH will be presented at the boot Düsseldorf 2020

The AMT 215 PH is a combination of top-class finish and powerful features, designed to handle even the roughest of conditions. No need to even consider turning back to the shore if the wind suddenly picks up, the 215 PH takes you safely whenever and wherever you need to go no matter the prevailing weather conditions. The PH is suited for a number of uses, from commuting to freight transport, to fishing, coastal excursions and professional use. The boat can be tailored to specific purposes, which has been taken into consideration already at the design phase.

Bella Boats: Aquador (4A61) and Flipper boats (4A56)

Bella-Veneet Oy – Bella Boats – is one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass and aluminium motorboats in Nordic countries since 1970. The boat range consists of four different brands: Aquador, Bella, Falcon and Flipper. All boats are proudly manufactured in Finland. 

Aquador will be presented boot Düsseldorf 2020

Aquador is a traditional Scandinavian boat brand which is a unique combination of Scandinavian design, new thinking, boat-building skills and high-quality materials. The following Aquador boats are displayed in hall 4, stand A61: Aquador 25 DC, Aquador 25 HT, Aquador 28 DC and Aquador 28 HT. 

Flipper 900 T will be presented at boot Düsseldorf 2020

Flipper boats are characterised as being modern quality products that enjoy enormous respect worldwide. From the very beginning, and now for over 50 years, the success of the Flipper has been consolidated by our dedicated commitment to quality, safety, sporty performance and functionality. The following Flipper boats are displayed in hall 4, stand A56: Flipper 650 DC, Flipper 800 DC and Flipper 900 ST.

Silver boats – 4A02

Silver Tiger will be displayed at the boot Düsseldorf 2020

The European Powerboat Award nominee Silver Tiger is the smallest of the pure fibreglass Silver Z models. The hull is designed utilizing the unique Swedish Petestep® technology. The design is made by Norwegian design agency Eker Design AS and handcrafted in Finland. 

Fairly compact, yet comfortable and extremely functional boat suited for both families and small groups of friends who like to entertain and spend time with loved ones.

Saimaan Solmu Oy – stand 13D62

Rent a boat from Saimaan Solmu and enjoy sailing in Finland, on Lake Saimaa! Onboard a Saimaan Solmu charter boat you will enjoy our unique lake district. Saimaan Solmu yacht charter has a large selection of first-rate boats. The boats will be handed over in the marina base in Savonlinna by professional staff.

Finnboat – stand 4A20

Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat is the umbrella organisation for Finland's marine industry and trade. Finnboat membership represents close to one hundred percent of both the nation's domestic marine industry turnover and the value of boat exports. Stand 4A20.

The world’s largest watersports trade fair, Boot Düsseldorf, gathers together almost 250 000 visitors from 90 countries with 2000 exhibitors from 70 countries. The boat show is open January 18th – 26th daily from 10 am to 6 pm.