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Tyyppi: Matkavene, kilpavene
Pituus: 20,61 m
Leveys: 5,51 m
Paino: 31 100 kg
Materiaali: Lasikuitu
Kölin paino: 9 350 kg
Masto: 28,8 m
Purjeala: 215,0 m²
Minimi teho: 180 hv
Maksimi teho: 180 hv
Nopeus: 8 kn
Kantavuus: 10 henkilöä
Makuusijoja: 10
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Taking on the family resemblance, the CNB 66 was designed as the largest sailing yacht that could be handled by a family crew. It can be equipped with the hydraulic roller-furling boom developed in an exclusive partnership with Hall Spars. Endowed with a carbon bowsprit, her elegant lines conceal an abundance of volume, exploited with all our know-how. This is the case, for example, in the owner's cabin, where the queen size island bed is offset to the side to remain invisible when the door is open. In the light-filled saloon that occupies the entire beam (5.50 m), the large, nearly 3-metre long sofa to starboard can be divided into three parts to increase the seating around the adaptable saloon’s massive table. As for the galley, we wished it to be practical, well ventilated, but in direct contact with the living space. Decoration and interior environments are designed by Jean-Marc Piaton and Rafael Bonet. Outside, there is clear separation between the lounging and handling areas. As on the One-offs, we have sought throughout to eliminate differences in level in order to facilitate movement without impairing safety. Finally, what sailing yacht of this size can boast a tender garage enabling the launching in less than a minute of a 3.25-metre tender with its engine?
Beyond question, the CNB 66 redefines what is possible with a 20-metre yacht. No wonder that even before she was launched, seven owners from Europe, Australia and Mexico put their faith in us.


CNB 66 is a semi-custom design, which can be delivered with equipment according to owner's sailing plan.


1 950 000 €



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